How to add a 'forward to a friend' link in emails?

At the bottom of the emails I would love to add a ‘forward to friend’ option.

Anyone done this or have suggestions on a good approach?

I am integrated with Mail Gun so it would be great to still have this routed through those servers. It may be that I will just do an ‘invite a friend’ for now, but thought it worth asking.

Hey there :wave:t3:

Most newsletter authors do this by simply including a note in the email content inviting readers to forward to a friend. I think it’s most common to do this, and then rely on the individual reader to hit “forward” in their particular email client. There’s a great discussion about this over on stack overflow.

If your post has an access level of Public, another option would be to provide a link to the post on your site, and ask your readers to share it. Any one who clicks it then has the opportunity to subscribe directly themselves.

Thank you. I do appreciate you taking the time to reply.

However, what I would prefer is to offer a button. When the button is clicked the user is taken to a page where they can enter their friends Name and email, and then hit send.

This would then send the email directly from my site and ensure all formatting remains correct. Often, when just formatting an email it gets broken by email clients or hits spam filters, so it would be nice to run this in a more streamlined and controlled way.

This will also allow additional engagement metrics to be captured as well. :slight_smile: