Sending posts to members with my own domain

if i would use my own domain for sending posts to members how do you do.
PS: my own domain is nodemailer or exchange.
thank you.

Are you saying you want to use your own server to send emails? If so there’s a similar conversation happening over here:

No i would replace mailgun with my own domain for sending email to newsletters and shared posts with members.
Thank you.

I’m not sure I’m understanding whay your definition of ‘domain’ is? When you se up Mailgun with Members emails arrive to subscribers with a from value based on your Ghost site domain, e.g.

I think he wants to use his own mail server.
For example I have a mail server on Aruba and one on NetSons associated with two different domains.
It would be interesting to be able to use these mail servers as newsletters but also simply to send the registration and login emails, instead of using mailguns

Thanx for all.
In section labs into ghost when activate members beta would you use mailgun for sending posts to members, my question is how i use my own domain for example exchange(outlook) for sending emails or shared posts whith members not send email for invite users.
I would not use mailgun because i have my own domain for messagies in my entreprise, i would integrate and replace mailgun for members receive notifications in their own mailbox (outlook).
Thank you.