How to add an author description box

When I add new writers to my Ghost blog, I want to add an author description box that shows the authors bio and their website link. Basically I want to show the authors information either in the sidebar area or right above or below the post is this possible?

Absolutely! Posts have authors attached to them, with primary_author you can expose the entire authors bio. More info can be found in our docs:

Hope this helps :blush:

Kind of, so where do I go to edit this? And what do I add to show the author bio?

I want to show the author and their bio at the end of every post.

You’ll need to modify the theme you’re using, by downloading it from the Design tab in Ghost admin. Alternatively you can change to a theme which already has this built in. Weiss Pro has this already built into the post template. Example here:

Is this a free or premium theme?

Can I just take the code from that theme and place it in my current theme?

It’s a premium theme. We do have other themes that are free, check out our marketplace:

Alternatively you can add the code into your theme yourself, by using our documentation as reference:

I tried to use the author context in the Casper theme. But I cannot get the desired result.

I am trying to get an author box like this one in the bottom of every post on the Casper theme.

Did you check out the documentation links I posted?

Yes I did. But I cannot figure out how to. I tried adding the code to the bottom of every post but it just shows text, in its very basic form

You’ll need to use html and css to style the text the way you want which is outside of the scope of what ghost does for you. You’ll need to find tutorials on the web to pick up how to do that yourself or hire a developer to do it for you. Or switch your current theme out for another one like @DavidDarnes has linked to that includes a spot for this.

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