How to add tailwindcss into my ghost theme? and use it globaly

I’m very new to theme development, I followed this guide, but I’m stuck at here, as I don’t know where exactly I have to make this gulp.js file, how do i use tailwindcss globally in my theme?

Just add it into the header of default.hbs file.

i tried this didn’t work can you take a look, please?
check here

I have added the CSS to default.hbs. You can merge two pull requests and test.

@slimpython I saw that you have merged the pull requests. Is it working?

Yes it is working, forgot to say thank you, what an idiot I’m

Once again big THANKS!

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I’m followed the same guide as @slimpython (i.e. How to setup TailwindCSS with a custom Ghost theme.)

I have followed all of the steps and imported my theme but Tailwind styles don’t seem to do anything. If I inspect the Koenig editor my class styles are not there. If I then look at the published page outside the editor the class styles are there (inline) but they don’t appear to correspond to defined styles.

Are there any additional tricks that need to be performed?

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I started from scratch and I’ve managed to get tailwind working. Unfortunately tailwind doesn’t appear to render correctly in the Koenig editor, but once published it renders correctly.