Gulp & Tailwind Template/Example

Hello - I’m wondering if anyone knows of or has a template/example of a site that’s using TailwindCSS in the development process?

If not - we’re going through the motions of getting our site converted to a Gulp.js with TailwindCSS compilation and maybe in a month or 2 I’ll share our setup here :slight_smile:


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I wrote up how I setup Tailwind with Ghost on Dev. I am sure it’s too late to really help you but if anyone else comes across this, I hope it’s useful. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


@mattlehrer, hell yes! I would 100% use this.

I’ll follow up with another post on how I converted the existing CSS to Tailwind, adding Tailwind’s typography plugin for a good starting point for post pages, and purging unused CSS on Ghost Pro, which required manual purging when I used it.

@Cory_Robinson I’ll be glad to test your setup

i saw your guide, tho I didn’t understand where exactly I have to make this gulp.js file