How to add the {{name}} of the site owner in the footer.- Handlebars

Good team,

First, taking advantage of this is my first publication, I wanted to congratulate the great work you are doing, both @John and the rest of the team. I strongly believe that Ghost is not only the future, if not the present, of those users who really want to make a difference in the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem.

That said, I want to ask you for help. I am developing my personal blog since 0, and a question has arisen regarding the code. I am customizing the “section” Copyright, and for that, I would like to introduce a handlebars field, type:

<section class="copyright"><a>{{authors name="owner"}}</a> &copy; {{date format="YYYY"}}</section>

The case is that I can’t get it displayed correctly. Currently, I get the empty field. What I intend is to automate that field, assigning the variable equivalent to the name of the blog administrator. In order to make a distinction, between the {{@site.title}} and the footer, and not be established equally.

If you can shed some light on it, I will be very grateful.

I am very excited to finish the project, and have the opportunity, to show you the result.

Thanks, to each and every one, of those who form this great family.

Regards! :surfing_man:

I am using Ghost, in its latest version. :call_me_hand:t3:

Thanks for the kind words @Dreamsur! The way to output the authors name using handlebars can be seen over on this post:

Are you planning on changing the owner often? If not then there would be no harm in adding their name statically

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Thanks to you @DavidDarnes, for your relentless contributions. I’m Jesús Pérez, I tried to do a previous search in the forum, but I couldn’t get to that result.

I imagine we will still have some limitations, but that option may be viable. Since you are right, possibly for my own use, on most occasions, I can set it as fixed data, but I am challenging myself, to try to automate it, if not everything, the vast majority through the Ghost back-end.

I have visualized that possibly, collecting user owner data is not feasible at the moment, right? I say this, by minimizing the commissioning time of a third party. I am a great lover, from optimization to detail. :face_with_monocle:

On the other hand, is there any place through which I could learn about this type of advanced key insertion? I know that in the short-medium term, I will be assaulted by more doubts and I answer your time a lot, which is why I could use references.

Thanks for everything. If on my part I can help you, count on it. :wink:

No problem! Best place to learn more about handlebars theming in Ghost is on our docs:

Thanks for everything @DavidDarnes. By the way, it would be interesting to update the link to Handlebars documentation, since it throws a 404, due to recent changes that have been made on the web.

The update would be:

We are in touch. You have a good day. :surfing_man:


Thanks for the heads up! We’ve updated the docs with the new handlebars links