Customize Admin Editor to accomodate custom fields

Hey, I’ve been checking Ghost to see if it can be a good CMS for my company’s apps as backend only and have hosted it on AWS Ubuntu server. I’m not interested in the frontend and only want to use the Admin Panel.

The reasons for using Ghost Admin are that it provides excellent functionality to create and manage users and it has a very good editor.

I already have a flutter web based Admin Panel but want to shift to Ghost’s Admin Panel.
My desired customization from Ghost is:

  1. A custom field/category when creating a user.
  2. Custom Input Fields for Title and Body of a post to support multiple languages’ translations.

To get my desired output, I’ve been checking your code, trying to customize it to get what I want but I’ve not worked with Handlebars and find the whole structure very complicated to modify it.

Is there a possibility of achieving my desired output? If yes, I’m ready to customize the code, can you give me a headstart?