How to allow third party to post on your ghost? / Create your own Medium?


I am new to ghost and I am trying to make it possible for other non-admin to post on my blog.

Let’s take an example:

  • I have a ghost platform
  • Someone wants to publish a post on my platform
  • The individual is able to submit a post
  • Someone from my team receive a notification and is able to review the post
  • I receive a notification when the post is finalised and reviewed by my colleague
  • I can review the post and submit to be published online

In other words, I want to create my own version of Medium to make it easy for anyone to submit a post on my ghost with the caveat that I and someone from my team would need to review it before being published

Thank you very much for your help!

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I need this solution as well. Members should be able to submit articles/content on your website.

I have a website on Wordpress but wanted to shift to ghost cms. (