Simple ghost stats/analytics


Is there any plan to add in some basic site stats? Just being able to see page view/reads, similar to what Medium offer, would be great.


You can insert any analytics suite of your choice into the head section of the Code Injection settings and have full statistics and details for every page on your site – which is much, much more detailed and reliable than any sort of basic viewcounter :slight_smile:


Thanks @John. I had GA set up perviously. The issue with 3rd party analytics is handing that data over to a 3rd party, and that cross site trackers tend to be blocked by ad blockers. I understand they offer a much more detailed experience, but it would be nice to have a simple built in option just for views/reads.

I guess I could look at running something along side my DO install to do this for now.


The self-hosted analytics software I’ve seen a lot is Matomo (previously Piwik). The only relative downside is it’s based on PHP - not that PHP is bad, but you have an additional dependency to maintain


Another self hosted analytics would be Fathom.


That’s an interesting point :thinking: – how are you handling that currently on other (non-ghost) properties, out of interest?


The team I’m currently working with are looking at using ahoy (ruby), which is what Instacart uses.

It required building you’re own panel to view the data, but negates the whole 3rd party/cross-site issue, and also helps with page load times.


I use GoAccess now, as I found that GA was being stripped/blocked by decent adblockers, and I was a bit worried about privacy concerns.
GoAccess isn’t as pretty or as rich in analysis, but it’s very simple - doesn’t involve any javascript which might get blocked - and just analyses the access log of your web server, so doesn’t require any maintenance after the initial setup.

As well as the neat command line version, there’s a pretty slick web GUI, which updates the figures and panels ‘live’ (using websockets).

Just wanted to add my 2 pence on this, as nobody else had mentioned it and I think GoAccess fits the bill for a simple stats tool. :slight_smile:


I’d recommend it too. I have been using it for a while now.