How to automatically backup ghost?

In order to prevent data loss, I want to automatically back up my ghost blog, what should I do? Who can tell me? Thank you very much!

There are several ways to do this, depending on your hosting ecosystem (as Ghost doesn’t have an included functionality that backs up your site):

  • you use the hosting backup features (in CPanel or the hosting admin panel)
  • you do it manually (if you run your site on a VPS you manage) via bash scripts (if on Linux)
  • probably there are other ways (again, depending on your hosting ecosystem)

@betterswifter I’m working on a backup command for Ghost-Cli, hopefully sending the PR tonite or tomorrow :smile: for now you’ve to perform it by your own script/process.


@Tony @dsecareanu OK,Thanks!

At the moment, I run a cron every 4 hours that compress the whole ghost/content DIR
The script then encrypt and upload the file to backblaze B2.

Having a CLI command to backup to DB would be neat!


Tony, what’s the PR?

@pascalandy I’ve not finished yet until this night, here is it: [Feat] Created "backup" command to create backups for db, files or both by TonnyORG · Pull Request #842 · TryGhost/Ghost-CLI · GitHub

cc @John this might be interesting for you as well

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