How to best add Discourse comments to my Ghost Blog

I’m adding discussions to my blog with Discourse. I’m following the steps outlined here.
I sincerely apologize for my lack of knowledge or understanding of ghost fundamentals, but when directed to add the embed code into post.hbs, which post.hbs should it be added to?
Also, is this a location that will be persistent through upgrades so I don’t have to re-do this step each time?
I’ll be searching around for a “How Ghost is put together” tutorial or something here as I’m sure it exists. In the interim, any links to such a site are greatly appreciated.

One last query. Is it not possible to add the ability to add comments through some kind of “Code Injection” functionality like that provided for headers and footers?

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I come up with 86 hits when searching for post.hbs on my system.

Some progress here.
I downloaded the Casper 2.9.2 Source Code.
I opened post.hbs and inserted the code generated from my Discourse server.
I changed <REPLACE_ME> to {{url absolute="true"}} in the provided code.
I saved changes and zipped all the Casper source files.
I uploaded the theme and set it active.
There’s still a bit of funkiness but it’s very likely from my Discourse server. There’s some little download time banner in milliseconds over the link.
Also, lots of testing to do to make sure it’s working as I hope.
I hope this helps future Ghost admin’s trying to add Discourse discussions to their blogs.
How might I contribute by adding a bit of helpful info to the documentation?
Kind regards,

I found how to contribute..
Looks like I submit a pull request on the relevant documents on GitHub.

That looks like it’s only for core documents. Searching for how I can contribute to Integrations related documents.

So far, I’m not seeing any way to request permission to contribute or to recommend changes to non-core documents. If anyone can provide an email address or link to a how-to, it would be appreciated. If I find anything, I’ll update this thread.

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