Public Discourse Comments

Hello, recently upgraded to version 5 from v3 where we had integrated Discourse as comments (where membership is maintained for Discourse) and no membership is required for Ghost.

It seems that in this version of Ghost, comments can only be seen if you are a member on Ghost? I don’t want membership for people to see the blogs posts or comments, everything should be public. I tried putting the integration code outside of {{#if comments}} but it doesn’t seem to load. (Discourse comment works if I enable Comments for all members and membership enabled for anyone to sign up)

Is there something that I overlook where I can just have this integration back without membership or maybe a better place to insert the code? (I did make sure I had put it before </article>)

Would be great to get some feedback on this from someone on the team. I am currently evaluating Ghost for usage with Discourse.

I’m not the Ghost team. :) (Just a big fangirl!)

To reply to FireAllianceNX’s question (which I don’t remember seeing originally – sorry for not responding then!):

It’s possible to set up Ghost comments so that they display to people who aren’t logged in. I’m not sure about the discourse embed, as I haven’t used it.

The reason the OP didn’t see the discourse embed if it was in #if comments unless comments were on is because that’s what #if comments does. But it should be possible to just place the embed code and have it work. I’ll guess that the OP had something wrong with how they had their context set, but without more info, it’s not possible to diagnose.

I do know of sites using the integration successfully, such as:

@einar , if you have specific questions about Ghost & Discourse, maybe start a new thread with them? :slight_smile:

yeah I haven’t figured it out yet on comments showing up without membership or login with discourse integration

@FireAllianceNX, {{comments}} is for activating native Ghost comments, it has nothing to do with being able to use Discourse or any other external commenting system. Remove the {{#if comments}} that you’ve recently inserted (and/or any other usage of that helper), and proceed with what you already had with v3. Should work fine as is.