How to bring local website to Ghost(Pro)

Hello, I installed ghost and have a website I developed running locally. I like that I can work with it from the Dashboard at localhost:2368/ghost and Visual Studio Code.

I’d like to take this relationship to the next level and just signed up for the 14 day trial using Ghost(Pro). I see that a new website was created. My questions are:

-How do I bring in my old website (the one I’m running locally)?
-How do I open it in Visual Studio Code?

When I’m developing a Ghost theme locally i set it up as a GitHub repo and then use this GitHub Action to automatically deploy my changes to a Ghost(Pro) site:

It works really well :blush:

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I’m not sure I asked the question correctly. I installed and ran ghost locally on my computer using this: How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux. I started building a website and really like it. I can access it by going to localhost:2368/ghost and using the online Dashboard, but I can also open it in VS Code.

Then I decided to sign up for Ghost(Pro). I thought I would be able to take my already existing site and continue working on it, but instead the Ghost(Pro) setup created a brand new one. Moreover, I don’t know how to open it in VS Code. Instead, I can only access the Dashboard and it feels like a regular CMS.

My question is, what the best way to take my local website and move it to the Ghost(Pro) version?
Also, how do I open my Ghost(Pro) website in VS Code?

I hope this makes sense :woozy_face: haha

I get what you mean :+1:t2:. Your local running version of Ghost is downloaded from the open source project, which means you have access to literally anything with VS Code. Ghost(Pro) is also a running version of the same codebase, but hosted on a server which you have limited access to. You can however access the theme code using a code editor in the same way I mentioned above. In reality this is for the best as you shouldn’t be editing Ghost itself but just the theme and the content. As for content you can log into your local version and download the content from the export settings, which you can then upload to your Pro account with the same settings view

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Now I know what you mean. I just set it up and everything is running smoothly :surfing_woman:t4: thank you so much!

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No problem, sorry for not being clear initially