How to call icon partials with navigation slug

Hi all, I’m new to Ghost development. I’m building my first theme, and have been scratching my head a bit about how to go about linking SVG icons to nav elements. I’ve now figured out that if I add an SVG in a hbs file in partials/icons, I can link to it in my navigation template with {{> "icons/home"}}.

Now, it would make sense to me to name my icon partials by my navigation slugs, and then just dynamically include them in the navigation template, something like this:

        {{#foreach navigation}}
        <li class="{{link_class for=(url) class=(concat "nav-" slug)}}" role="menuitem">
            <a href="{{url absolute="true"}}">
                {{> "icons/(slug?)"}}

Is this possible? I was reading the Handlebars documentation, but I’m still a bit fuzzy about using partials.