How to change signup popup?

I would like to change the signup / login popup so it better matches with my dark theme (right now its white and hurts the eyes). How can I change it? Do I have to create a new .hbs file? Where does Ghost store the code for it?

Currently, this is how you can customize Portal:

In the repository linked above these are the files for Sign In/Sign Up:

And here are some CSS:

Then yarn build command builds the minified portal JS portal.min.js, which you can copy to your theme under assets/built. This minified portal JS should be also configured in config.production.json of your Ghost instance, restart it and that’s all.

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Thanks for the answers!
So if I understand correctly, I will have to check every Ghost update if it breaks something? Right now this seems like too much hassle. An option to change it with a .hbs file would be very great in the future.

I am working with these releases:

When there is an update (new release), I just merge changes, generate portal.min.js, copy it to the theme and upload theme.

You can do similar with Git (branches/tags and merging topics), but I have automated it in a different way.

Portal releases work similar to theme releases (e.g. Casper). When there is a new version of theme, you need to merge your changes with the updated version of your theme.

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Yes. This is why you always run a local copy of your production and test everything before pushing live.

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