How to check if a post is published

How can I check on my post page whether the post is published or a draft? I would like to display a “not published yet” warning on the page when I share the preview url.

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You can’t share preview url

Hey @woubuc :wave:

If you’re trying to share the unlisted preview URL, it will follow the format {url}/p/{id} - e.g.

Sure you can.

I was looking for a field in the post object on the page. How can I check the URL format in the hbs template?

Aah, if you’re using handlebars, you can use the {{is}} helper. The preview context is missing from there, but it works:

{{#is "preview"}}
<p style="color: red; font-size:100px">This is a draft, please do not share this link with other people</p>

How stable is this to use in production? I’m a little anxious about relying on undocumented behaviour…

This has been part of Ghost since at least 1.x, and if I recall correctly, it was documented before the docs got a major overhaul; I think it’s more that this specific thing didn’t get copied over rather than not being documented

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