Unlisted posts in Ghost


Hi there,

My team is curious about making “secret” posts. Basically Ghost pages that can be accessed via link only. I’m sure I can do this with a tag (if post has #hide, don’t render) but wondering if there’s a more official way?



If you don’t publish a post then you could use it’s preview url? To get the link open the post in the admin editor then click the :gear:️ icon in the top right and look for the “preview” link.

Preview links aren’t put into the sitemap or rss feed so they are as secret as you can get. If you went the other route and published a post but hid it in theme then it would still appear in the sitemap and rss feed so not really “secret”.


Oh? I assumed previewed posts require a login by a blog user…so anyone publicly can see a post preview?


That’s right - you’re only truly authenticated when you access the /ghost/ portion of your site, and previews are available using /p/{postid}


Are the preview pages no-index’d?


They are not indexed


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