How to create a custom content API where I can get all members list?>

I want an API like this for getting members lists where I can create only content API to get members without admin API.

I want an API URL like this so I can use this API for website.

here is your content post API http://localhost:2368/ghost/api/content/posts/?key=ea2dfcabd1ac03b82a534d7c4c. I want a similar one for the member list.

The content API is accessible publicly, which is why it only surfaces data that’s already public like posts and pages.

Member info isn’t public, so it will always require access via the Admin API.

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Can you help me with one thing? I need a GHOST CMS member login on third-party domains.

For ex. If I logged in on Ghost by any member then I need the same user can access my website which is a third-party domain. But if Member isn’t logged in then it always shows a message on my xyz website that you must log into ghost. XYZ is non ghost website.

Can I do something like that?


What you are describing would be using Ghost as a Identity Provider as part of Single Sign On (SSO) to another domain.

It may be easier to do the reverse: To allow people to use other identity providers and then log in with Ghost. The idea was discussed here:


Here’s a Ghost site that offers third-party SSO with LinkedIn, Amazon, Github Google and Facebook:

Read more and signup here:

There may be a way to let Ghost to be the Identity Provider to log into other sites, but I haven’t found that yet.

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