Content only for specific members

Is there any way to create content for specific members?

Member A is logging into the page and see content only for member A. Later member B is logging in and only see the content for member B.

How can I do it?

Can you say a little more about what sorts of content you’d like your members to see?

Ghost has the idea of subscription tiers, which could be used to give groups of members access to content, and the code in Portal does have user-specific information, but Ghost is mostly a blogging platform, so I’m not sure you’re going to be able to easily get it to do what you want.

But say more about what you want, because maybe I’m wrong or someone else on the forum will have a great idea for how to do it!

I wanna create a small local page or blog where users can login. But each user has its own page or content, which is specific only for the user itself. I sthere any way to create this specific user content with ghost cms?

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hi @Martin_Stock, just wondering if you had any luck in finding out? also interested in this. thanks