How to create a Theme Switcher like on Marketplace?

How to create a “Theme Switcher” on the Frontend like at the Marketplace to easily showcase different Themes for Ghost on a Blog?

At the Marketplace, if you choose by “Price” and then “Free” after that click “Preview” on any of the shown Themes it open up something like for Example!
It looks to me this Preview is either a whole Independent Ghost Instance or something like a “Switch” to change the Theme.

Is there an easy Way to do this Function or is it more difficult to do, like hacking Functions of the Core of Ghost for it?!

Maybe there is Someone who has figured out a way to do this and willingly to share. :wink:

As far as the marketplace goes, each theme preview is hosted as a separate Ghost instance.

It’s possible to switch themes via the Admin API but this would only usable server-side and it definitely wouldn’t work in a per-user fashion that would be needed for a marketplace style theme switcher.

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@Kevin thank you for the quick Reply, sad to hear this Feature isn’t accessible at the Frontend per-user Fashion, like you called it. Good to know, too! :wink:

Maybe this Functionality will be added in the Future?

It’s unlikely such a feature would be added. Themes are designed to change the whole look and functionality of your Ghost instance’s front-end, if you start changing them on a per-user basis you have all sorts of problems with caching, seo, etc, and that’s after the big increase in complexity that would be needed for the front-end rendering.

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