How to customize the built-in search interface?

Current behaviour: Ghost has built-in search that can be enabled by adding a data-ghost-search attribute to any HTML element. The element will function as a button that will call a search modal.

Desired behaviour: I want an actual search box that redirects to a search results page. I am a modal-phobe. The fewer modals on my website, the better. I know I can ignore the built-in search and use Google Custom Search instead, but the GCS search results page is annoying to style. So, is there a helper I can modify or some UI I can hack to create my own interface for the Native Search?

Native search is optimized to perform across a variety of different Ghost sites, so its UI isn’t customizable at the moment.

However, Ghost is flexible. If you’re interested in implementing your own search and UI, you can adapt Ghost content API and any custom JS search library to create your own search experience.