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I’m building an index page for my site, since I’m using tags for both content types and content topics. I’m also including some custom Google searches, and I’d like to also include a link to the built-in Ghost search. Is that possible?

Hi Bruce!

Can you try adding a data attribute called data-ghost-search to the element that, when clicked, should open the search modal?

For example:

<p><a href="#" data-ghost-search>Search</a></p>

It worked for me on the Casper theme.

Huh — it worked. Thanks for that; I would NEVER have found that on my own.

Of course, on the theme I’m using the Search link is always available. But still, it’s nice to include it on the Index page I’m creating.

Thanks again!


Makes sense. Glad it worked!

Lot of places to find this info, all on Ghost.org:

Feature announcement:

Help docs:

Developer docs:

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