How to daily backup your Self Hosted Ghost installation

I just made and published this guide on how to easily daily backup your Ghost blog:

Hopefully this will help you as well. It’s quite simple and helps a lot to keep your self hosted Ghost secure :)

I use daily backups provided by the VPS host plus snapshots, and find these highly reliable.

Moreover, I always run ghost backup before making any changes, and for good measure use automysqlbackup, which is certainly available on Ubuntu. This provides automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups of your databases.

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Hey, thank you for commenting!

That is definitely a great way too. In this guide I’m showing how to have offload backups, so even if your VPS crashes you still have all the backups in the Cloud Storage that you want

True, but that is kinda expensive for third world countries if you are not making money with the blog/site.

I’m paying 28$/year on my VPS. Cloudron is 30$/mo

I do self host my Ghost on a VPS. Thanks for letting me know about their free version though, I wasn’t aware. I quite enjoy my setup so I will continue using it.