How to delete tiers / "start from scratch"

Hi ghost forum,

I’ve made a mess of my membership tiers between Stripe and Ghost and just want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I’m getting the red button “Retry” error attempting to save any settings with Portal / Tiers.

My errors began with being unable to save Portal Settings or Archive tiers after decided I didn’t want to keep the higher pricing options I had added. Can’t delete at this time, and other sources recommend just unchecking on portal display. Unfortunately that was not working and throwing the Retry error. Checking the logs informed I was receiving InternalServorError 500 Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘$id’). This was proving intensely difficult to troubleshoot so I just tried to scrap & restart.

I fear I’ve bungled things even harder. I’ve deleted products from Stripe dashboard, and can’t for the life of my identify how to delete them from Ghost. Using “grep -rl (tier-name) .” in /var/www/ghost returns zero results.

Where is the tier data saved? How can I troubleshoot this any better?

The goal is result is (1) understanding how this works in general and (2) re-enabling Stripe subscriptions for the $5/mo option.

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Were you ever able to resolve this issue?
I’m considering using Ghost, but I’m concerned about the issue you’ve described and the fact that no one has responded to your question in more than 1 week.
Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.

Hi Metta, no I have not been able to resolve this issue. My intention now is to soon rebuild my website from scratch and link a new Stripe project from a clean slate, and copy over my present newsletter subscription audience, and reroute the DNS to the new droplet for a seamless front-end transition. I am lucky I ran into this problem fairly early, as my site is fairly barebones and easy to rebuild completely at this stage.

A timeline of how things went down:

  1. Created three payment tiers
  2. Initial error unchecking two undesired tiers from display relating to “trial_days” failing json validation. Research informed Stripe is phasing out the trial feature, or reshaping its implementation, likely causing problems at the API calls ghost is using. Only saw this error for a few checks and then after that, even before attempted manual deletion, began encountering errors relating to invalid $id.
  3. Bad decision to attempt manual deletion of payment tiers via Stripe admin panel and editing my direct server code. Seems to have confused ghost system pretty significantly. Unable to determine using grep and other cli tools how to better achieve this deletion. Again-- this feature is unsupported, and is officially recommended other places to simply uncheck the items from display (found this on a google search but cannot find that thread now, sorry). This didn’t work for me, but neither did manual deletion. Have not been able to find where this data is saved on the server, if at all.

I want to encourage you to say that my experience with Ghost has been stellar aside from this one problem. This is generally my experience with open source software-- it works great, except until you manually attempt that one unsupported thing everybody recommends you don’t do :slight_smile:

I am also using this in a self-hosted manner, mostly for fun. I’m also not sure this forum is really appropriate for technical support, and I do think Ghost offers more robust support if you pay for their Pro plans. This is just kind of a fun side-project for me, if I were relying on this for my daily income I would ask Ghost or another provider to do the hosting and backend for me to make sure things run smoothly.

My advice to you, and anyone else finding this from google: just don’t delete tiers-- it’s unsupported probably for good reasons, and will cause bigger problems. Try and fix the initial bug with being unable to uncheck from the display if that’s what you’re facing. Or just think it through, and only be sure to set up payment tiers you know you wanna display from the jump, don’t mess around and make 2 silly tiers because you’re “learning” :joy:


My goodness! This is a great reply, Alex. Very much appreciate you going to the trouble of providing all this detail.

Based on your description of what happened, this sounds exactly like something I might have inadvertently done myself when “kicking the tires”, so I’m immensely grateful to see this breakdown and receive your good advice about how best to avoid this sort of problem in the first place.

I am also glad to know that, otherwise, you’ve been enjoying your experience using Ghost ~ and, all things considered, I do think it makes sense for me to go with a paid/hosted account (vs. using an open source set-up) since I don’t have the technical expertise to give this a go on my own.

That said, I’m sorry hear you are now faced with the prospect of having to migrate everything to a completely new set-up. However, once you do have your site set-up and running, I’d love to see what sort of project you are working on ~ if your site is going to be public, and if you would care to share?