How to Disable Members Function?

Further to this, I was able to disable the inclusion of the portal script from unpkg by manually commenting out the following line of code (181) in my installation:

Doesn’t seem to have caused major adverse effects so far (I have only done a cursory smoke test) - of course this is only a manual workaround and not ideal because I can’t automatically update my deployment without this patch.

But it might help those who want to temporarily disable this until the feature flag idea is reviewed by the team and possibly taken into consideration.


this is so weird, I can’t believe it’s just turned on by defautl AND you can’t turn it off!?

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This worked for me too.

There is an easier way to do this without modifying the ghost blog code. Hopefully the developers will leave this method open. I feel very trongly that the ability to disable the members function should be an option, and truly hope that they will reconsider their stance on the matter.

Anyway, you can disable the member helper by running this query in the ghost database:

update settings set `value` = 'none' where `key` = 'members_signup_access';

After doing this, restart ghost. The /#/portal url no longer functions and the javascript from unpkg is no longer included.

The method you use to access your database depend on if you are using mysql or sqlite3. After briefly reviewing the code, I do not think that there are any side effects of doing this if you do not intend to use the members function.

I do not understand the rationale behind the decision to force this upon users. Yes, I know that I’m free to fork the project and add this feature and perhaps it may come to that. Not everybody’s goal is to build subscriber lists and send out newsletters. It may be hard to comprehend if that’s where you make your living, but many people do this sort of thing for fun, or use it as a showcase of their accomplishments. These people have no need for this function.

I am personally asking the developers to reconsider their decision.


update settings set value= 'none' wherekey = 'members_signup_access';

This will only work in Ghost 4.3 onwards. The UI for this option is currently behind a developer experiments flag and will be made generally available in a future release.

As this is currently in development be aware this setting value may change.


Thanks Kevin, I’ve appreciated the help you’ve given us with this memership feature.

I’ve now applied @mdeneen’s setting to a couple of installs, but I’ll keep an eye out for future changes.