How to do Post Series?


This is not an original idea, but I’d like to bring this to the table so that we can discuss.

It was asked before about a month ago here but what I want is to have this as a functionality rather than a theme-level hack.

You can check this website to understand what “series” means in this context: I’m giving this example, because in the past Medium also announced something called “series” but it is not what I’m asking.

If you open the webpage above, you’ll see a section that shows the details of blog posts on the right. It shows their categories, tags, publish dates, authors and most importantly, series.

Imagine a situation that you’re writing 5 posts that are explaining different parts of the same topic. They might have different tags, that’s totally fine. They might even belong to different categories. But without using a common tag, it’s impossible to gather these posts under the same page. This is where “series” comes in.

I hope this makes sense and I hope you consider building the feature.

Any feedback is more than welcome.


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I think this can be implemented via:

Hi @dsecareanu,

Thank you for your reply. But it’s again another hack.

So, for every series, I need to create a route entry.

  /series/from-zero-to-hero-something/: series-from-zero-to-hero-something
  /series/how-to-build-a-successful-company/: series-how-to-build-a-successful-company

Then, I need to create these hbs files, so that I can do this:       -> series-from-zero-to-hero-something.hbs -> series-how-to-build-a-successful-company.hbs

As I said above, I’m not looking for a hack to implement this, what I want from development team is that to implement this as a core functionality. So that we won’t have to use unnecessary hacks.

I hope it’s more clear now what I’m asking and why.


Dynamic routing is not a hack. It’s a feature. And your use-case is made possible with that feature.

There are lots of ways to build different post series, and you certainly do not need to create a manual route for every entry - so it sounds like you haven’t read the docs which you’ve been linked to yet :slight_smile:

Moved topic to Themes category because this is not a new feature