Serial nonfiction

Does Ghost have a way to publish an extended how-to project in serial form; e.g. each post builds on previous posts?

Presumably, it would need a chapter-like index.

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Ghost themes are extremely flexible so most things are possible if you’re willing to customise your theme :slight_smile:

Could you share some examples of other websites that are the same/similar to what you’re hoping to achieve?

I think there are a couple of ways to approach this, but the easiest solution would be to use tags.

Each post in the series would be tagged the same. Ghost would automatically create an archive page for the tagged posts at On that page, each post would be listed in the order published, and the page would serve as a chapter-like index.

This is all the default behavior, which can be customized if need be. Let me know if this is what you were thinking!

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Next step: Extend my backlog of posts.

Thank you, Ryan.


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Re: each post would be listed in the order published, and the page would serve as a chapter-like index.

If that handled via Routing? This guide notes it’s possible with Channels, but does it work the same with Collections?

Also, is there a definitive guide for this stuff? I’ve looked over the URLs & Dynamic Routing page, for instance but it doesn’t include any examples on sorting (it just notes that it’s possible). But then there’s the page I linked to above that goes deeper. But we’re in not for Google, I wouldn’t have found that one.


Hi Kym,

Thanks for response.

I’ve been able to find sites that host serial fiction, a publishing tradition that goes back to Dickens and other literary greats.

I’m working on a serialized computer hardware/software how-to project of interest, I hope, to self-publishers. The goal: greater publishing workflow efficiency and book marketing success.

The blog/newsletter will need a sequential index so that a reader who comes in at any point can easily bring up back posts to catch up on work-in-progress to date.

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Hi Ryan,

My Ghost plans have been deferred. So regret that I don’t have experience to help you. But best of luck as you move forward.