How to edit the "Subscribe" modal in code?

I want to redesign the “Subscribe” modal window and can’t find .hbs file. Also, I’ve been looking through all .hbs templates in the default Casper theme by key words “Already a member” and found nothing.

I can see there are edit options in admin panel, but thy don’t allow to remove the “Sign In” button and the text beside it.

Also, I want this form to be used for email subscriptions, not for signing in/up. I suppose those are different things, right?
Can I make this form like a simple subscription to receive newsletters? I don’t need membership features.

Ghost v5.31.0
Theme: Casper
Node.js version - v18.13.0

The popover is coming from Portal, which is not very customizable. If you’re self hosting, you can fork the code and edit, but if you’re on Ghost pro, you don’t have the ability to change it.

What you /can/ do is not trigger the popovers (at least in most contexts) and instead create pages within the theme that pull the data you want to display. That’ll give you lots of ability to customize, at the cost of having to create those pages. (Some paid themes include them - I don’t think any of the official free themes do, but perhaps someone will correct me.)

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@Cathy_Sarisky , Thank you for the reply!

I’m self-hosting and had an intention to edit the popover. However, the only advantages signed in user has is to comment and view “only for signed-in members” posts. Correct me if I’m wrong.
I’m not planning to implement any of these features.

Ghost mixes up mental modals of users. “Subscribe” and “Sign up” are different actions, but here they do exactly the same thing. For example, take Medium where signed in user is able to write content, customise profile, follow others, etc. On the other hand, subscribed user only receives news letters. In Ghost you don’t really subscribe, you create a profile. Right?

I suppose Basho paid theme has this interaction. Also, a free Edition theme doesn’t trigger popover when clicking on the form. However, when I installed it locally, typed an email and clicked “subscribe” - nothing happened. The email was not even validated. Has anyone had a luck to make it work?

My intention is to subscribe users for a news letter right from the form. How can I do that?