How to Email a Published (but not emailed yet) Post

I published a blog post a few days ago without emailing it to my subscribers. Now I would like to email it to blog subscribers. What’s the best way to go about this?

Should I

  • unpublish the existing post and then email it?
  • duplicate the existing post, delete old one, and then publish and email the new one?

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

I see myself do this quite often in future, i.e. write a ton of posts, revise and polish them over time, and once a post is ready for the audience, send it via newsletter. Would love to know an efficient way to accomplish this workflow.

Once a post is published, there is no way of emailing it. So, you’d have to duplicate it, unfortunately.

If it’s just about the email itself, I would duplicate it and just send it as an email only. No need to delete the old one and re-publish it, in my opinion.

That would probably be the “cleanest” workflow, if you want to do it more often in the future. First, publish the post, refine it, then create another post that is just used for email sending, without publishing it on your site.

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Makes sense :) Glad that Ghost has the ‘duplicate’ feature, I’d really hate to copy+paste text and images for each post.

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