How to send/schedule email for older posts

Is there a way to send (even better, schedule) an older post to a newer audience? I have already published a series of articles on one of my blogs and I want to send older articles to the new audience I have.

Even better, I’d like to schedule them in order to repurpose some of the older content and distribute it to a newer audience (i.e., create a segment of subscribers before a certain date and send only to them some of the older articles, scheduled in the future).

I’ve searched the docs and the forum, but I didn’t find anything related, even though I might be missing something obvious here.


The best way to do this is to create a new post, copy over the content, and then send it out to the new audience.

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Yes, but doesn’t this duplicate the content as the article should be live to be read by the audience?

If you unpublish a post and then republish it, you’ll get the prompt to e-mail it again to your subscribers.


Thanks, this worked! :) Simple solution, but not very intuitive (at least for me).

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