How to enable 'dark mode' in 'Edition' theme

Hello, I’m currently using ‘Edition v1.0.0’ theme and was wondering how to change its default theme into dark mode.
I googled and tried to ask chatGPT as well but nothing worked…
Could anyone help me with this?

Thank you!

I can’t see a dark mode on the demo.

I don’t think it has a dark mode out of the box

Hi there, the Edition v1.0.0 theme doesn’t have dark mode support, not all themes have it. To add it, you need to do it yourself or hire Ghost developer. You can find the Edition theme repository here.

Any plans to add dark mode to Edition? I really like and going to start using it but dark mode is pretty table stakes these days – I mean its been on macOS since 10.14 Mojave in Sept 2018…

Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

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Thank you! How about auto dark mode based on the system? Do you know any ways for that

Take a look at the JavaScript in the example. That includes checking system preference and adding a class in response.