Dark Mode for Official Themes

It’s been a while since I am interested in writing on a blog again. I have an old ghost installation on my domain that is probably outdated, so I’ve been looking for new way to rekindle my writing habit such as new theme for Ghost.

It’s quite disappointing that searching Ghost themes doesn’t really give many result over the years (contrary to what Wordpress have). However, Official themes surely have grown and I am considering using Ruby theme. After looking at the marketplace demo page and the github repo readme, I couldn’t find out if the theme has Dark Mode or not (my eyes really love dark mode).

So, bumping someone’s post on other category (and their misplaced request on github repo issue) I am requesting (or suggesting) Dark Mode for Ruby. More on that matter, maybe it would be great if all Official Themes also have Dark Mode.

Thank you.

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if you don’t find any perfect design, choose any html template, I will help you to convert that to ghost theme, thanks.