How to Have a Link to All Posts?

Is there a way to create a menu item for something that just says “Original Content” and then have that show a listing of all posts?

Or if the tags page can do something like that?

If you’re looking for some help, it’s important to provide as much context as possible so that people are able to assist you. Try to always mention:

  • What’s your URL? This is the easiest way for others to debug your issue
  • What version of Ghost are you using? 3.0
  • What configuration?
  • What browser?
  • What errors or information do you see in the console?
  • What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?

Hey there @therealbobbyb! Certainly is possible, you’ll need to do some customisation to your theme. Theming in Ghost is very straightforward, however you will need a little familiarity with front-end coding.

I see you’re using Melaka theme by @ahmadajmi / Aspire Themes, maybe they can provide some assistance? :blush:

I did. He is on vacation. Thanks for the suggestion though. I just found a Fiverr developer to handle it for me.

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