How to host the Job Board

I stumbled upon the awesome GhostCMS. I thought I could use Ghost to configure and launch a job board, instead of creating everything on my own which is a time consuming process.

Is it possible to add additional custom columns to the posts table and add additional table for “companies” and then link to “posts”?

Use case:
Every job posts is associated to a company. And, posts should have a redirect url (call to action button).

In other words, I’m looking to adapt Ghost but also want extend the functionality without breaking the core. The solution shouldn’t create any hindrance when I upgrade the version.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Coder_absolute.

I haven’t seen any Ghost blogs as a job board. You might have an easier time using a platform designed for this purpose.

Here’s a solution you might find helpful: Job board website template | SpreadSimple