How to implement queued posts

Hi there :wave: ,

I’m looking to implement a queue for my upcoming blog posts. It’d be very similar to this Tumblr feature where you can add a series of posts in a queue and have them automatically published at a specified date/time.

Any clues on how to approach this?


You can schedule a post to be published at a specific time:

screenshot of the publish menu for a draft post. Shows that the post can be published immediately or scheduled at another time

Thanks Vikas, that’s certainly useful, but it doesn’t meet my needs entirely.

Let’s say I have 10 posts sitting as Drafts, I want Ghost to look for the oldest post, and then publish it at the same time, every day.

I believe this GitHub action might be the solution: GitHub - TryGhost/action-update-posts

Aah I see… in that case, yes, something like GitHub Actions is what you’re looking for :slight_smile: