Schedule unpublish date (offer to write this feature)

We just got a request from our the marketing team regarding Ghost, and we are interested in adding this feature to Ghost. However, I guessed that we had to make a proposal beforehand, so as to not code it and get rejected if there is no plans to add this feature. Please let me know if there is interest in this.

Given the minimal info provided here, I think that there’s very little need for this to be built into Ghost itself & is entirely solvable without writing any code :slight_smile:

I’ve bumped into some minor use cases for scheduling something about a post to change in future, and solved it with a GitHub action:

If this doesn’t seem to fit, can you please describe the problem you want to solve in full detail?

Yes! :slight_smile:

We would like our non-technical team members (marketing) to be able to set the duration of their posts. Every post can have a different duration (eg. forever, 1 day, 4 days, etc). I’ve seen some ways to solve this, but they are address to more tech-savvy people. We could do a workaround with tags, but it would be preferred to be able to set it the same way as the publish date!

In Ghost, UI real estate is priceless. There’s really not a strong enough use case for unpublishing posts to devote any of the UI to it. Not least because unpublishing posts is a bad idea in terms of SEO and the primary use case for Ghost is producing content that ranks highly, but also in 8 years I’ve never heard anyone else ask for this!

Again, I’d ask you what is the underlying problem that needs to be solved? Perhaps there is a different solution than unpublishing posts.

Well, we are misusing Ghost a bit for this :slight_smile:. Marketing uses it for our blog, so we set up also a Ghost “blog” for our notifications in our web. This works very well for us, because it’s nicer for them to use only one tool for their job. We keep showing them for as long as they are published, and then we have certain notification levels which indicate a notification banner, a notification popup, etc. Right now we just check for a fixed X amount of time on our frontend to see if we display it or not.
Anyways, we thought that maybe there was a need for this feature, but since there is not, we have no problem building our workaround! We just wanted to offer the feature to the community if it was needed :slight_smile: