How to install a theme without using the zip file

Hello ghost devs,

I am new to ghost, and I have a theme that I cloned from my own github repo in a given folder A, and I installed a local ghost website running in folder B using the classic ghost install local command (ghost 5 btw).

In order to edit my theme directly in folder A and see the changes in my brower, I created a folder shortcut (like a symlink) of folder A and I put it in B/content/themes. However, when I go to the Ghost dashboard, the theme is not listed in the advanced menu, so it seems that I can’t really use it directly without zipping folder A and using the zip file which I don’t want because I might have to make frequent change to my theme and zipping and importing the zip theme every time is not practical at all.

Do you have any idea how can I see how my under development theme look locally without having to zip it and import it every time (also I can’t import it once then edit it because it’s cloned from github and that would mess up the github repo).

Welcome to the community, @annis.

You could deploy changed using the Deploy Ghost Theme GitHub action.

There’s a tutorial on Byron Themes.

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