Is there a easy way to do easily view changes to the theme?

I’m looking to develop Ghost themes. From what I can tell the theme needs to be zipped and then uploaded to the Ghost blog each time after it has been modified.

Is there a way that I can edit the theme directly so that changes to the theme will be applied to the blog without having to re-zip and re-upload the theme?

In order to develop Ghost themes properly, I would recommend setting up a local Ghost install on your computer. You can find instructions on how to do so here:

From here you can start developing your theme locally. Using a starter template such as:

Check out the README for more info, but essentially this start theme provides a set of build tasks that will watch for any changes you make to theme files and reload them instantly.

Thanks! I also found that I can edit directly in the content/themes/MYTHEME folder which will propagate to the page. Of course, yours is a more elegant solution.

I found it easy to edit live too. Just find it annoying to have to restart the server to see changes every time.

I actually tried it the “proper” way but it kept failing at so many points on my Mac install… or the theme didn’t auto-compile properly, or the CSS broke…

One note - it’s so easy to break the theme on live installs. Before rebooting your server, run gscan in the theme folder. e.g. gscan ./content/themes/MYTHEME

You should only have to restart the ghost server for changes to templates if it is running in production mode or if you’ve added a new template file (.hbs) in the directory. If you run the local install version or run the installed version in development mode you just have to refresh your browser and you’re golden.

Let me know if that helps.

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