How to make an editable homepage or redirect the home to another page?

Hello there!

I’m very new to Ghost CMS and trying to figure out if I can set a new page I create as a home page. This way I would be able to make it into a semi landing page with a picture and text as an introductory. Is there a way to set for example a new page named ‘‘home’’ with permalink ‘‘ home’’ as the ‘‘’’

Also I noticed the home page changes when a user is logged in, it turns from home page template to the blog page with all of the posts. I would like to keep it that way.

P.S. I am using the Casper theme if that helps.

Apologies in advance if this topic was already discussed I couldn’t find it :) Thanks for the help!

HI @Lara , welcome to Ghost!

I’ve got a tutorial for setting up a routes file so that / serves a page rather than showing the “home” template (which in Casper is basically just the index of the whole blog).

I’m a little confused by this bit:

I didn’t think that Casper did something like that. Source does do something sort of like that, if you have its layout set to ‘landing page’.

A routes.yaml file (see tutorial) isn’t going to cause the behavior to change on member login. That’d need some editing of the theme’s files, or a bit of javascript trickery in code injection.

p.s. if pasting in URLs, surround them with a backtick (`) or else they’ll get processed into links like what happened to your post. :)

Sorry for the weird link haha :slight_smile:

Thank you for the post!

For the routes.yaml , can i find this somewhere or do I have to make the file, if so where do I need to make it…in the themes folder?

Also if I want the blog posts to be visible or accsesable to only members I should just probably leave it as is right? And not add a /blog page, since the theme already does that for logged in members…

Hopefully I explained correctly, thanks again!

The link I gave above has upload directions - you can download your current routes there too as a template. No, not in the theme folder.

Each theme handles layout logic differently, so I’m not sure on your later question - and not sure you’re on Casper :)

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