Put a landing page as home

Hello, I am not able to find this:

I have created a page, how to set up as homepage instead default home of any theme??

On one of my sites, I created a custom homepage, and moved the usual layout to /blog. This necessitates a custom routes.yaml, and homepage template.

    data: page.home
    template: home
    template: rss
    content_type: text/xml

    permalink: /blog/{slug}/
    template: blog

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

I am not able to replicate =(

It crashes.

I just want this: I create a page mipage.com/landing

I want that home page (mypage.com) ere that created.


Did you create a page with the slug ‘home’? And do you have a home.hbs file in your theme? If you didn’t, that’s probably why it isn’t working… (You could change the template to index.hbs instead if your theme doesn’t have a home.hbs.)

If you can provide more details on what’s not working (“it crashes” ?) we can try to help more!

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