How to make routes point to the same page? (routes.yalm)



I have created a page that can be accessed at domain/somePage/
How can I make it so that if I navigate to domain/somePage/somethig/ or domain/somePage/somethig/somethingElse/ renders domain/somePage/ without redirecting.
Basically domain/somePage/(.*) to always open domain/somePage/ but without redirecting (something similar to mod_rewrite)


  • What version of Ghost are you using? 2.2.4


As far as i understand, you want to show the same content on multiple urls?




Any ideas how to do it?


I think you could do something like this (not tested).

    data: page.static
    template: example

    data: page.static
    template: example




Can I use regex?
What I mean is, if i have url:
/page1/page2/page3โ€ฆ to show /page1
/test1/test2/test3 to show /test1
Without redirecting, keeping the url in the browser unchanged.




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