How to manage the database

I would like to use any tool like valentina studio, dbeaver or heidiSQL to manage my database.

Currently with none of these I can connect to the database.

What configurations should I set up on the server to access it?
Thank you

Hi @giacomosilli

You can make the database accessible remotely if your ghost instance is self-hosted. ( I do not know about ghost pro)

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Security will be your big issue - if you open up your database for remote connections, you should firewall the port so that only trusted IPs can access the database. You will probably want to encrypt the connection so that your credentials are not posted in the clear, and you will want to make sure that all users have passwords, only selected users can connect etc etc.

A better solution might be to have an HTTPS only install of PHPMyAdmin that you restrict in your webserver and also in your firewall to trusted IPs only… as well as securing all your database user accounts.

thanks @jeff and @Fred,
I knew of the possibility of modifying the database configuration to be able to remotely access the database, I know the security risks.

I had thought of using adminer very convenient and fast, but I should install php on the vps, and then filter my ip

I was hoping that by ghost there was some “alternative” method

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