Page with unique php script for database content

Newbie ghost user here. Environment is via and my own unique url FuseTrader hosted by Bluehost.

I’d like to have a page which runs a unique php script to access database driven information. The database would be updated periodically via a cron job to pull market data from outside sources and perhaps manual data which I enter.

I’m assuming this could be handled with an html card or custom code injection for that specific page, but how do I connect to a database and where would the database have to be located? When I go to my cPanel and view the files & databases, I cannot see anything associated with the ghost application. So I’m obviously confused on how it is setup.

Thanks for your help!

You do realize that Ghost is a Node.js CMS and not written in PHP?

I suppose you can create a database yourself on Bluehost and run a custom PHP script there. Then you could indeed display the outcomes of the script by using an HTML card with an iFrame.

Thanks for the reply. I knew it wasn’t PHP bc it didn’t look familiar, but PHP isn’t really the point; the point is simply to interact with a database of my own creation. If Node.js can do that then maybe I should go down that route. I guess the source of my confusion is about my setup, I’ll do some research.

I’ll also look into the html card w/ an iframe solution, thanks again!

After spending 10 minutes on it appears Node.js can interact fairly easily with MySQL. Now we’re getting to heart of the matter here… am I able to connect to a database hosted at my custom url and inject the Node.js code necessary to do so? I’m sure this will bring up security questions as well, and if it helps I only need to be able to read from the database not necessarily write.