How to provide language when adding code block for syntax highlighting?

A picture speaks louder. So here is a gif.

Basically, when we add the three backticks , the editor directly inserts a code block without needing to add the end backticks. Because of which we cannot mention what type of code goes in the code block for the syntax highlighter to do it’s job.

However, when using markdown, we can type the language name after the backticks.

So wanted to know if this is intended or is there a feature roadmap where this will be looked into?

Or is there any other way to provide syntax highlighting other than selecting markdown, because when one is writing a blog with a lot of code snippets, the manual adding of markdown blocks becomes a bit too much and at times frustrating.


I so much wish there was a configuration to just use Markdown (with the previous two pane affair) rather than the wysiwyg konig editor that makes so much blog writing so much harder :frowning:

Sadly from earlier comments I doubt very much that it will be forthcoming.

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