How to remove the 'published with ghost' line on the footer of the liebling theme?

Newbie here!

I know that I have to edit the downloaded CSS theme sheet using VC studio but where/how can I find the line of code and what do I edit it to?

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Hi Just to confirm the theme is Liebling right?
if so then the easiest solution for that is to use custom css in Ghost Site Head. to do that

go to Ghost admin > Code injection

& paste the following css to Ghost Head Section

.m-footer-copyright span:nth-child(2), .m-footer-copyright span:nth-child(3) {
    display: none;

Amazing that’s right, you absolute legend! Thank you :slight_smile:

If I learn basic css and html can I do stuff like this too?

You are welcome!
Yes if you learn basics you can do stuff like this… even more

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Can you clarify if we paste it in the Site Header or the Site footer section?

Pasting it into the footer section seems logical. please confirm.

Hi @MereCivilian

Pasting it on footer is logical but since its inline css so there is no restriction that it has to be paste in between site header or in between site body…