How to render .doc or .pdf files?

Hi, I’d like to render a .doc or .pdf file in a ghost post. It’s hosted on a separate file server. I thought about converting it to markdown but it’s impossible without ruining the formatting and special tables, etc. in the document, and the tools I tried do a really poor job at it and don’t even render indented paragraphs.

I tried to imbed the file using the Koenig editor using .pdf or .doc but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there any document file type that can be embedded in Koenig editor or is there a way to have a blog post render a pdf file?


Easiest thing to do here is link to the files on Google Drive or Dropbox // some other system which is designed for file sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks. By the way, obviously I’d rather use markdown for the formatting but pandoc really sucks in converting to markdown. I’d have to go through many many pages of stuff and reformat manually which would take hours in order to use markdown even for simple stuff like line breaks and paragraph indents, which aren’t parsed by pandoc.

I uploaded the files for using Mozilla’s pdf.js framework, but it seems like it takes a little bit of setup so I’ll talk the “shortcut” and use dropbox and figure it out later. Actually it looks like Dropbox’s integration is much superior to pdf.js, and according to Dropbox is also faster for the client since it uses server side scripts, and much more secure.

I ended up pasting it from TextEdit which preserved the formatting (it used RTF?). I’ll have to cut it up into different block sections in order to edit HTML (I can’t seem to insert HTML into the regular text) in order to fix some of the formatting and insert the pictures, but it seems to have preserved most of it.

Would be great if could somehow preserve the formatting of documents written in word/pages without having to use clunky dropbox integrations, this way seems to load much faster.

I would embed my PDF from SlideShare or just give a URL to the file as John suggested.

I see that you modified some CSS to get the paragraphs to start with some space. Would you share your CSS on how you did that? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like you can do it like this for the whole document.:

Looks like that’s an easier way using      every time which I was doing.

I’m gonna look at CSS in the future for making composing the documents easier :) The type of articles I write will always have an indent on the first line.

Thanks for sharing!

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