How to reply to comments as an Admin/Author?

Hey folks, I can’t seem to find a way to reply to reader comments as the site Author. I have the feature set to show just for subscribers, and I can’t log into my newsletter site with my Admin credentials.


You need to add yourself as a member to your site, and then login as a member so that you can reply to comments.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing, but that just seems odd. As the admin I should be able to reply with my account.

This really does need to be an automatic thing for site owners. And it’s just as equally odd/silly to get emails of the replies made by me, the site owner. Understand that’s how the system works, but like others, feel owner/admin comments replies should not require a fake account and frequent logins (I know cookies keep you logged in, but for us Safari users we always seem to clear cache too often). Hope it’s on the road map for sometime soon.


Agreed. This needs to be updated. I haven’t fully gotten my blog going yet so it is good to read this NOW before I get comments but that is annoying.

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Yes, this is very strange! I ran across the same thing this morning as I am getting my blog going.

+1 to this feature request!