How to send newsletter to new imported members?

I just imported some new subscribers who opted in via a giveaway I’m running using King Sumo.

Is it possible to email them my most recent newsletter(?) If so, how. Thanks.

You can do it manually…

Create a new label for your recently Imported members & assign them to the label, you have just created.

Write an article welcoming them & include your recent newsletter links as bookmark card/ buttons / plain links in that article.

While selecting whom to send choose the new label you have created for your recently imported members

Send it out .

Thanks for the quick reply!

ONe more question: Where/how do I select whom to send and choose that label I created?

see the image here

Just FYI, any imported members are automatically assigned a label that matches that specific import so this step may not be necessary (it also allows for easy undo/redo of imports if needed).

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Yes, thanks for pointing it out. I missed that part.

Hi thanks for your help…this worked great. One thing I didn’t realize is this published as a public post. How do I send this as an email only?

In the publish menu there is a dropdown for “Publish/Publish & Send/Send”. Choosing “Send” will email the post without making it available on your site.

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