Send old post (newsletter) to new members?

Say I create a post and send it via email to 10 people. Later I add 20 more members to my list. How do I send the old post to these 20 new members (as an email newsletter)?
I want to send the exact same content to these new members, not a new email (as suggested in a recent discussion).

This is impossible in Substack, and so I wanted to check on Ghost.

The best way to do this would be to recreate the post, by copy and pasting the content from the old post into a new post.

From there you can use the “Send” option, and select a segment of your audience to deliver it to:

This way, the content won’t be published to your site again, and you’ll have separate email stats for this email (open rate).

Copy/paste was what I was thinking too, thank you