How to set owner username and password on startup?

May be a silly question, but imagine you startup ghost for the first time on a VM in public cloud that already has a public IP.

So, you install ghost, it starts up and then you can navigate to the IP of the VM and set up the owner.

The thing is, this IP is public, so in this (fairly short) period of time, anyone on the internet can navigate to your VM’s IP and register themselves as owners of your site.

Is there a way to pass owner username and password to ghost-cli during the installation, so that when it is live on the internet, there is already a valid owner that you can log in with ?

Thank you in advance, this seems as such a simple question, but I could not find anything in the docs !

Welcome to the community, @sergei.

This is extremely unlikely, since you are discussing a few seconds of opportunity. As soon as you open the Ghost URL, and enter your credentials, it is evident that this hasn’t occurred.

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Hey, thank you, and thanks for the answer !

You are right, it is unlikely, I just wanted to make sure that it was a normal practice.